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Speed Rally 2018

SAPFA Speed Rally 2018

Secunda Flying Club will be hosting the Speed Rally 2018. We spoke to Christoff le Grange to find out what the race is all about. This is what he had to say:

“SAPFA was very excited when I contacted them and said we want to host an air race. They will host the President’s Trophy Air Race next year on a new format and they will use this opportunity at Secunda to run the race on the same format as a trial run. We have actually received so much interest that they have already decided that this Speed Rally format will be introduced as a new competition in the South Africa Aviation Circuit. We will be the first to host such a competitive race.

There are a couple of Springbok Pilots from Gauteng that has already entered and we are expecting most of the competitors to come from Gauteng Area.

Each Aircraft will have to do a test flight before the race, starting on 4 October 2018, to determine the maximum speed of the aircraft. After that the test flight the aircraft will be allocated a handicap speed. (That will be the speed that you need to beat)
The Race will start on 6 October 2018 and a team will consist of a Pilot and Navigator.

Each team will receive their Maps 20 minutes before the start of the race with turn points and headings already printed on the map. Each aircraft will start with the signal of lights and a flag as in car racing with the slowest aircraft departing first. If each aircraft flies according to his handicap, all the aircraft will cross the finish line at the same time. Their departure is staggered according to their handicaps.

The race is flown at full throttle and the aim is to fly as straight as possible to each turn point. Aircraft must fly between 200 ft and 500 ft at the turn points. If a team deviates they will receive time penalties.

This means that the whole race circuit will be flown at a low level which makes it even more exciting. If a turn point is missed the aircraft will be disqualified. This is a full-on race and everybody will fly as fast as possible and the first team over the finish line will theoretically be the winner.

SAPFA has even requested that we introduce a floating trophy for the race as they see this growing into a long-term competition and also bigger every year.”

For more information contact Christoff at 083 357 6951

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