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Misty Waters Music Festival is here and you will love!

Misty Waters Music Festival is a week away and today we share more details with you about what you can experience when attending. As if the line-up over the 3 days isn’t great enough to start off with.

Here are a few things you need to know!!


Q: What are the different ticket prices and can tickets be bought at the gate?

Tickets can be bought at the gate from 29 September, 10:00.

Weekend Passes:
Friday to Sunday – R390
Saturday to Sunday – R290

Day Passes
Friday, 29 September – R100
Saturday, 30 September – R150
Sunday, 1 October –R190

Q: How affordable will the food and beverages be?

Misty Waters made every attempt to make the festival prices as affordable as possible.

A few examples:

  • Beer (Castle, Amstel, Castle Lite etc.) – R20
  • 500ml Draught (Castle Lite, Black Label etc.) – R25
  • Most ciders – R25
  • Soft drinks – R15
  • Double Brandy/ Run/ Whiskey and mix – R40

Q: What is the difference between a ‘Weekend Pass’ and a ‘Day Pass’?

Weekend Pass holders get the following perks:

  • You get dust free camping
  • You have access to hot showers
  • You are allowed to bring in cooler boxes
  • Access through main gate
  • Assistance will be available at the gate to move baggage and tents to camping areas
  • Access to AquaZone Springfest
  • Access to Lake Umuzi Oktoberfest

Day Pass holders:

  • No Cooler Boxes
  • Enter through turnstiles

Q: When can weekend pass holders come set-up camp?

Ticket holders can set-up camp from Thursday, 28 September, 16:00.
Gates open Friday, 29 September, 10:00 and close 23:00.
No extra charge for campers setting up on Thursday and leaving Monday morning

Q: What time do gates open on various days?

Gates open at the following times:

  • Friday, 29 September, 10:00
  • Saturday, 30 September, 9:00
  • Sunday, 1 October, 9:00


Q: Are vehicles allowed in the camp site?

For safety and space reasons vehicles are only allowed in parking areas – except to drop off caravans on Thursday, 28 September from 16:00 – 23:00 and Friday, 29 Sept from 10:00-20:00.

Assistance will be available at the gate for campers to move baggage and tents to camping areas.

Q: What to expect at the camp grounds?

  • There are 70 braai areas with electricity points and taps.
  • No designated camp stands – first come first serve
  • Modern ablution blocks with guaranteed hot showers.
  • Dust free camping: Kikuyu grass all over the camp grounds will reduce dust in camping grounds
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • 3 Boma areas
  • Various beer tents and food stalls
  • Ample campsites with no water and electricity are available next to the lake should the main camp be full

Q: When should I pack up my camp site?

Sunday, vehicles will only be allowed to enter the camp grounds to get caravans from 23:00.

It is preferred that campers stay till Monday morning and be out of the camp grounds by 10:00.

Assistance to move baggage and tents out of the camp grounds will be available on Monday morning from 7:00.

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