LEVEN added to the OktoberFest line-up this spring

The Oktoberfest line-up is already filled with a variety of artists to entertain you during the week and the latest addition to the roster will have locals supporting LEVEN, a band which hails from Witbank.

Stan, Rudi, Vernon and Michiel, four high school mates whose paths were destined to cross after studying, who were later joined by keys genius Boyagain are determined to re-inspire the loveless rock world with incredible melodies and a clear message – that love songs and rock music still go hand in hand.

The band was formed in 2013 when Stan Kruger – lead singer of the group approached his high school mates Rudi Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen (Lead Guitar) and Vernon Swart (Drums) with material that he had been writing. From the first note at their first rehearsal, they knew they had something special. “It’s like we fit together like Tetris, every single time we play together.” says Vernon.

Two long years, an experimental album (titled ‘Fighting Hearts’ – Beat In Time Studio by Bruce Wallace), countless kilometers traveled to play to crowds around the northern regions of South Africa, and the band remains more determined and as strong as ever. When asked on this, the response is: “It’s because we are all down to earth guys, we know how to push each other’s buttons, and how to keep each other sane.” The band was later joined by Boyagain Friday, a phenomenal keyboard player with Grade 8 in music behind his name and has taken the band’s stage sound to the next level.

Leven’s music is contemporary rock that inspires passion. Written from a place of deep emotion, personal experiences and the many levels of connection that two human beings can share, as Stan eloquently puts it: “The one true message in Leven’s music is that ‘Love is Timeless.”

Having recently begun recording a debut studio album and are gearing up to take on South Africa by storm in 2017. Although no strangers to the world of long, tiring hours in recording studios, guitarist Rudi is sure of one thing: “It’s all about the music, and staying true to our sound. We will make the best contemporary rock record by not doing anything we don’t believe in, no matter what.”

Interestingly the band hails from the same small town in Mpumalanga that iconic SA rockers Prime Circle do – Emalahleni (Witbank).

The first radio single from their new venture titled “Take It Back” encapsulates Leven’s sound and message perfectly, from the instantly recognizable vocal to their feel-good South African rock style, this debut single is set to take Leven to new heights.

Rolin Booysen

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